Our Products

Palo International is one of Nigeria’s leading nylon and polythene
packaging products manufacturers that make all kinds of packaging
material products. 


We produce high quality products as shown below, our operators are also very skilled and well trained to deliver the best products and services. We do not just deliver the best product and services to our customers, we also contribute to their business success because our products and services support their businesses to do better.

When our clients win, we also win.


Nylon bags in are in use everyday in small shops, supermarkets and stores. We can produce different types and sizes of santana nylons at any scale you want.

Customized Bread Wrappers

We design and manufacture all kinds of bread wrappers, different deisgns and sizes at any quantity.

Sachet Water Film

We have the highest benchmarks of quality when it come to satchet water film production. Our products are :
Convenient to carry
Have high tearing strength

Customized Tissue Wrappers

We produce customized tissue wrappers both printed and plain at any quantity

Shopping Bags

We produce shopping bags of all kinds in different sizes and colors both branded and non-branded. 

Waste Disposal Bags

We manufacture all sizes of waste disposal bags at any quantity.

Laundry Bags

We manufacture all kinds of Polythene laundry bags at any quantity

Shrink Wrappers

Our Shrink Wrappers are the best in the business.

Yogurt And Custard Packaging

We produce wrappers for Yogurt and Custard packaging (printed and non-printed)