Our Services

Palo International is one of Nigeria’s leading nylon and polythene packaging
products manufacturers that make all kinds of packaging material products. 
Explore some of our services here.

Our Service Operations
Extrusion and Blowing
98% capacity

Extruding and Blowing of Nylon and Polythene bags

We provide professional extrusion of polyethylene products which involves the blowing of polyethylene products to make packaging materials like polyethene bags, stachets, nylons, etc for everyday use.

Design and Printing
95% capacity

Printing of low and high density polythene packaging

We provide our clients with quality printing on their packaging materials like bread nylon, pure water sachets, products sachets, etc. 

92% capacity


Laminating of BOPP packaging and other kinds of laminating services such as foil laminating, paper laminating etc, are also part of what we do at Palo International. We offer our clients a wide range of products laminating services for their packaging materials like;

Sausage roll
Sachet custard wrapper etc.

93% capacity

Cutting of nylon and polythene

We have capable machines for the perfect cutting of various nylon and polythene bags for market uses.

98% capacity

Nylon Production

Nylon production for bakery (bread nylons), shopping malls, supermarket, pharmacies, boutiques ,pure water nylons etc.

90% capacity

Recycle Production

We provide cutting edge recycle production services for our customers

89% capacity

Importation and Sales

We are experts in the Importation and sales of BOPP, Extruder machines, bottom/side sealing machines. Gravure machines, punching machine etc.

89% capacity


We also provide production of take away packs (plates,folk and spoons, cups) etc.